Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Costa Rica: Path to Rio Claro

There aren't many words to describe this. Pictures don't quite do it justice. It's just magnificent. The entire trail winds through rainforest following the beach the entire time. There are usually a few locals. Maybe another tourist or two. It's a 2-3 hour hike, or, a 40-60' run each way. As a hike, it is incredible, and as a trail run, it is breathtaking. It is, exactly what I came to Costa Rica for.
The path here is nicely groomed, as it is in many areas.

This is the same beautiful spot from before that can be reached by beach as well.

Beautiful inlet from the ocean.

The path goes inland a bit here and through the road is paved, I'm not sure why, as it doesn't go anywhere. It's also very slick with all the rain. Probably the most treacherous spot.

On my trail run, the day before, I took the other route. Probably why it was closed off this day.

Also slick here.

And back to the beach! From here on, the trail was generally good enough to go barefoot most of the rest of the way (and I did).

There are 22 small, beautiful beaches like this one that you pass along the way.

There were lots of muddy areas to cross, which was why it was nice to be barefoot. For trail running, you just have to deal eventually getting muddy, wet shoes.


I finally found a toucan! The one animal I really wanted to see on this trip was a toucan. I would, in fact, see lots of them here.

About halfway or so, you pass a school. That would be one heck of a commute!

Cano Island, where you see sea creatures bigger than you while snorkeling or scuba diving, can be seen in the distance now.

Getting closer...

And finally, we're here! Now it's time to go up the river!

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