Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Costa Rica: Bahia Drake

After Tamarindo, I'd had enough of the beach. I wanted to find some rainforest. I wanted somewhere remote. After a little research, I settled on Corcovado National Park. And from talking to my host and the owner at my hostel in San Jose (Hostel Van Gogh), I knew it had to be Bahia Drake, or Drake Bay. So after a quick stop in San Jose to get my teeth fixed (which also happened to be the easiest and cheapest way to get out to Bahia Drake since all buses go to San Jose), I took a bus out to Palmar Norte at 5AM the next morning. After the 5 hour bus ride (thankfully this one was direct), it was a 30' taxi ride to the town of Sierpe. In Sierpe, you hop on a boat taxi that is an adventure itself.
The boat captain even found us a large croc hanging out on the shore along the way.

The boat ride down the river from Sierpe was filled with beautiful scenery.

After about an hour, we came to the mouth of the river and out on to open ocean.

The Pacific looks calm here, but it would get quite choppy later.

After a little while on the ocean we had finally arrived at Bahia Drake!

Immediately we went off to search the area and walk along the beach.

Flip flop sandals turned out to be an extremely good choice for the often muddy, sandy, or rocky terrain with deep water crossings at high tide.

Occasionally, cruise ships and fishing boats could be seen, but in general, boat traffic was quite minimal.

There was also a hotel in this area, quite far away from the town. A very nice, remote location.

This bird feeder at Gringo Curts often saw many beautiful birds.

These little geckos were quite common.

Drake Bay at sunset.

This grasshopper at Gringo Curts was huge!

This was one local's backyard. What an incredible place to relax!

Gringo Curt's was the place to be. You can see him third from left. His menu consisted of fish tacos, pasta, or fish with mashed potatoes and vegetables (which feeds 3) and a chart of local fish which he would point at to show which fish he had snagged from a local fisherman for the day. It was some of the best, freshest fish I've had. The other two local restaurants were also incredible. Try the shrimp with rice at either one (arroz con camarones). In a country with excellent food, Drake Bay was no exception, and possibly even the best.

Great shot of the full moon one night.

Drake Bay at sunrise.

This was to become by far the most incredible place I visited in Costa Rica.

Stay tuned for the next posts which really show why it was so incredible.

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