Sunday, October 23, 2011

New England In Pictures


While driving down the coast of Maine, there are tons of waterfront parks to stop at for a picnic or a nice spot to read.

This nice spot was located in Rockford, Maine.

 Tons of excellent spots to stop for some great soup and a good beer.

The seafood stew at Cappy's Chowda House was brilliant! It had tons of mussels, haddock, shrimp, sausage, scallops and more!

And tons of lobster shacks all over the side of the road!

Fresh lobster is an absolute must in Maine! Don't bother with the expensive restaurants for lobster. Find a good, cheap lobster shack for almost half the price of some places.

And as always a good running trail is never very far away.

Check out the BackCove Trail in Portland. It's a beautiful loop around an ocean cove that totals just shy of 4 miles.

Downtown Boston from the Bunker Hill Monument

The Bunker Hill Monument is not only a great place to visit for the history and the view of the city, it also provides free parking (2 hours) along the streetside to tour the city and comes with a sweet 294 stairs climb.

Walking along the Freedom Trail provides excellent views of the city as well as cool historical places along the North End.

And not far from the end of the Freedom Trail is the beautiful Boston Common Park and Lagoon as seen here.

And the bridge across the Lagoon.

The statue of President Washington stands guard, picturesqe in the setting sun.

For shopping there is a very large Macy's, which had quite a few American Flags on display.
Americaaaa! #*&^ yeah!

The Zakim Bridge leads into downtown Boston and is made so that the top half is shaped like the Bunker Hill Monument.

This day's sunset is a gorgeous one.

Downtown Boston from the river where the Harvard rowers practice.

This particular Harvard building was my favorite.

But this one from MIT blows it away.


Providence has one heck of a nice looking mall.

And downtown was surprisingly relaxed and quiet for a weekend.

The Capitol Building seemed to simply rise out of the trees.

A cool viewpoint of downtown could be found on top of College Hill.

But the best viewpoint comes from Prospect Park, a little lower down.

Or along a city street.


Dowtown Hartford from inside Bushnell Park

The park can be ran in several different figure 8 loops of around a mile, with the only road crossing here at these cool towers.

The capitol building backs up to the park and provides spectacular scenery.

As do the fountains!

Which are beautiful from both sides!

And close by is the Mark Twain house!

So cool it deserves two angles as well!

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