Monday, August 15, 2011

Glacier National Park

The Road to Glacier

On my way through Montana I decide to head up north a few hours and go through Glacier National Park. Now, of course, I need to find a free camping spot, so I take a little detour of about an hour or two driving through national forest and on logging roads until I end up at the perfect spot to park and rest for the night.

This was the view at sunset along Highway 200 between Paradise and
Plains, Montana, on the way up towards Glacier National Park.
Found a nice place to camp alongside Clark Hinchwood 1027 which accesses national
forest land off Highway 28 in between Plains and Hot Springs. The roads were pretty gnarly and looked to be used only for logging, but the views were no less stunning.

Flathead Lake was a beautiful place. Will have to spend some time here next time I come.

It had a great little stop along the way that was perfect for lunch (and a beer...).
This looked to be a good spot for swimming as well, with an island right close to explore.

Glacier National Park

 Coming into Glacier I had high hopes as I had heard so many wonderful things
about the park, and early on it was quite beautiful.

 However, up in the mountains, visibility turned out to be quite poor on this day,
and there was still a lot of snow on the ground, making any hiking quite difficult.
Still, the views were quite breathtaking.

Down lower and toward the east end of the park there
were no shortage of waterfalls to hike up to.

 Including this monstrous beauty.

 And the sky was much clearer at this altitude, lending to a few very
nice views as I neared the east end of the park.

From here, you would have never known how dark and cloudy it
 was higher up in the mountains in the middle of the park!

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